First Lay Director

The role of Director of the SLMs was first occupied by a lay woman, Catherine Ramirez, in 1999. She served in this capacity until May 2002 having worked diligently to improve the communications between lay missioners working in foreign lands and the home office. Her newsletters helped former and present Lay Missioners stay connected with one another.

Replacing Catherine in 2002 is the present Director of the Lay Missioners, Marie Carr, a native New Yorker who had served as a Lay Missioner in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. As she began serving as Director, the Lay Missioners Program was placed under the supervision of the Province Youth Ministry Office. Bro. Emile Dube, SDB, became the first Youth Ministry Counselor to oversee the program. Since the SLMs are missioners, the Spiritual Direction of the group was delegated to the Assistant Director of Salesian Missions. Fr. Terry O’Donnell, SDB served in this capacity until the Fall of 2003.  At present, the Spiritual Director is Fr. Mark Hyde, SDB.

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