Donate to end the poverty cycle and help give kids the future they deserve

Each day, the Salesians improve the lives of millions of children through their various programs: vocational training, formal education, street children outreach, orphanages, and youth ministry. However, these programs would be impossible to run without the help and support of people like you.

By making a 100% tax-deductible monthly donation of $5, $10, $15 or any amount to Salesian Missions/Salesian Lay Missioners today, you can provide children with the Salesian support they need to help break the cycle of poverty.

Consider these costs in the United States:

  • Average dinner for two:  $50
  • A night at the movie with a friend:  $30
  • Crossing the George Washington Bridge (NYC):  $12
  • Starbucks’ Grande Caffe Latte for two with an Apple Bran Muffin:  $10

Now consider these costs in Africa where the Salesians work among the most impoverished:

  • Treating one child with malaria, who without it would most-likely die:  $6
  • School supplies for the entire year:  $20
  • Annual school tuition:  $25
  • Mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria and other diseases for an entire family:  $30

There are 2 easy and secure ways to donate:

  1. Online Recurring Monthly:  provide a steady and predictable source of income for our missioners.  it’s convenient, cost-effective, and adjustable.
  2. Online One Time:  effective, efficient, and secure.
  3. Mail-in:  follow this link if you prefer sending in a personal check.

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