Casa Nuevo Horizonte


To provide young adults with the chance to receive an education and, in turn, to permanently improve their lives and the lives of their families, and to make for a more prosperous and just Bolivia for all.


Casa Nuevo Horizonte, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is a home for ten young women who currently attend various universities within Santa Cruz. Each young girl is from rural Bolivia and each comes from a family with absolutely no economic resources beyond what is needed to put food on the table every day (and some struggle even with that).  Most of the parents of these young people never went to school beyond the 8th grade.

To be accepted into the home, the girls must have graduated from high school at the top of their class.  To remain in the home, the girls must continue to maintain well above average grades and complete designated chores and assist in the everyday running and maintenance of the home.  Each month, the girls also complete at least 12 hours of volunteer work at local hospitals, orphanages and churches.  Within the home, the girls also participate in various extracurricular activities aimed at broadening their horizons (i.e., learning to have better nutrition, engaging in sports and regular exercise, studying ways to improve interpersonal skills, investigating other cultures of the world, reading biographies of important people, just to name a few of the activities).

From the moment they enter the home, the girls learn that they are called to be, not just well rounded professionals but, much more importantly, women for others.  Their areas of study vary from medicine to law to education and all careers must be service oriented in nature.  We recently had our first graduate from the home:  she is now a doctor practicing medicine in the rural area where she grew up, giving back and making for a better world.

The home also includes two very special young children, ages eleven and nine.  These children are brother and sister and likewise come from the country and from a very distressed economic situation.  The children arrived at the home having never attended school before.  After living in the home for more than two years now, and with the daily tutoring and loving assistance of all residents in the home, these two children are now fully enrolled in school and are excelling academically, physically and emotionally.

The home provides all residents with room and board and covers all expenses of their education through graduation.

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