Hogar Sagrado Corazón


The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus just celebrated the anniversary of their 30th year of missionary presence in Bolivia in September 2011, and they have been responsible for running the Hogar for around 25 years. SLM’s have been working here for over 15 years and have been entrusted with a variety of responsibilities to help the Hogar run smoothly. The Madres give the SLM’s a great amount of freedom, and allow them to work creatively within their passions.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Being present with the girls each and every day—maintaining order during mealtimes, helping with homework, playing games, listening (and sharing) stories, and helping put the girls to bed
  • Work as the Hogar “nurse”—tending to everything from cuts and lice, to illnesses (including taking the girls to regular and emergency doctors’ visits)
  • Library duty—opening the library every day to assist with homework, reading, using the computers, and playing games
  • Madrina sponsorship program—the SLM’s are in charge of running the Hogar’s sponsorship program, including corresponding with current and prospective sponsors, translating and distributing cards and gifts, accounting, and running errands/purchasing items for the Hogar from the Madrina account
  • Fundraising—the Hogar relies on the volunteers to raise funds for the girls’ Christmas gifts and always welcomes other donations for ongoing construction to improve the facilities
  • Nightly sports ministry with the girls
  • Classes of your particular interest (English, art, music, sports) are encouraged when possible
  • Special request of a music or ballet teacher was also requested for this site.
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