Bakanja Centre


Bakanja Centre hosts about 85 internal and 280 external children, from 6 to 18 years. The Centre focuses on the willingness of the child to leave the street, which will lead to an ultimate goal of reintegration, by following a few steps: identification, social surveys, family orientation or reintegration into another home rehabilitation, schooling or literacy, along with extracurricular activities. It also serves as a transit center for interns who will be sent to vocational centers where they can learn a trade. Moreover, Bakanja Centre features a clinic to not only treat all the children and WMO staff, but also the impoverished surrounding communities.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Social and psychological work in Bakanja Centre, in support of Social Workers.
  • Conducting recreational activities: conducting recreational groups, preparation of games, activities and weekend camps for children and youth; organization of excursions and camps consistent with the Centre’s children.
  • In cooperation with the Office of the Salesian projects and Coordinator WMO support to improve the educational system monitoring (centralized, standardized worksheets and coordination with other non-Salesian centers; support a field survey on sociological background of students in vocational centers, support for the organization of training and coordinating the network of social workers).
  • Social support, psychological or recreational in other houses, in a timely manner upon request.

In addition, part-time is provided to the Office of Salesian projects, which is responsible for improving the management, planning, agricultural and industrial production of the different Salesian centers, generate income and thus strengthen the capacity of self-financing centers, and contribute to a positive and dynamic image of Salesian.

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