Salesians of Don Bosco – Lungi


The Salesian Missions in Lungi consists of 5 primary schools, 2 jr. high schools, 1 senior high school, 2 nursery schools, after school activities, a youth center, parish youth ministry at the main church, and 3 outstation churches.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Teaching
    • Science
    • Math
    • Religious Education
  • Outstation Primary Schools
    • There are 5 primary schools within 20 miles. SLMs would go each day to a different school. This is a creative flexible program that aims to bring arts and crafts, songs and games, virtues and values to the children once a week in order to bring a bit more gentleness and respect, joy and enthusiasm, self-discipline and virtue to the school. You need not be a qualified teacher but one with patience and ingenuity.
  • Youth Center
    • Relax informally with the youth or join in playing soccer or basketball or volleyball!
  • Coaching
  • Youth Ministry
  • Much more!

In Summary:  if you are ready to ”Join In” with everyone and everything then you will find in the Salesian Family all the support you need.  Hopefully your prayer life and peace of mind and heart will grow and grow as you get closer and closer to Jesus and Mary and all the youth of Lungi.

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