Holy Rosary Church / Community Center

Ministry Background

Port Chester is an urban village of 2.5 square miles belonging to the town of Rye. The population consists of about 28,967 people; the racial makeup in 2010 was 61.1% White, 6.5% African American, and Hispanic or Latino of any race were 59.4% of the population.

At the 2000 census, about 10.1% of families and 13.0% of the population were below the poverty line, including 15.3% of those under age 18 and 12.6% of those age 65 or over. Port Chester is a more diverse community than many nearby areas, being a destination for many immigrants. While Holy Rosary serves more those of Latin American background (including Brazilian), the other Salesian parish (Corpus Cristi), was founded for Italian immigrants.

The Don Bosco community center was established in 1928 by the parishioners of Our Lady of the Rosary Church (est. 1904), the Salesians of St. John Bosco (Roman Catholic priests & brothers) and the Italian community of Port Chester. It is the most low cost after school program in the village. It was closed for a time in the past but reopened in 2005.

The Don Bosco community Center was opened as a social, recreational, and educational center for the neighboring community. Its Boys and Girls Club is open to kids ages 8-18 from Port Chester and neighboring towns, as an after school program

SLM Ministries

  • Participate in several community outreach ministries:  Soup Kitchen, Don Bosco Laborers, Open Closet, Food pantry, Culinary School
  • Teacher of Sunday school catechism with Holy Rosary
  • Don Bosco Oratory- may include facilitating games and sports, supervising structured times of play, homework help
  • Help at Corpus Cristi- Holy Rosary School
  • English teacher for neighborhood immigrants
  • Staffperson of Corpus Cristi Church Teen Center (Middle school aged youth group)
  • Multiple prayer & devotion ministries
  • Participate in monthly Life Chain, peaceful & prayerful demonstration

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