Don Bosco Agricultural School


The agricultural school started over 25 years ago, but struggled for various reasons over the past 2 years.  The Salesians re-opened the school  in June 2015.  There is a working farm for the students to practice the theory learned in the classroom.  There is also a youth center where youth gather daily in the afternoons after school.

One of the main practical goals of the mission is to teach the local people an alternative to fishing. They have been over-fishing the lake and need a new direction. The Salesians have been asked by the government to do this by teaching them farming as well as other skills.

There are three objectives:

  1. The objective is to offer an opportunity to young people who finish grade twelve and are interest in learning and experiencing what it is to became a farmer.
  2. To run a youth center and implement new ideas on education, prayer, games and keep the joy alive.
  3. To provide parish assistance to the community and grow closer to the people, helping them to get to know Jesus and slowly help them understand Catholic teachings.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Variety of teaching: English, computers, and religion, to name a few
  • Assisting the school principal with the administration
  • On the farm: Ideas and follow up to help the farm come up with ways to make it more useful, especially to the outside community
  • In the youth center: Teaching of all kinds to help the youth academically as well as any kind of youth activities
  • In general: Help overall with ideas and planning and contact with others oversees who could help us to run a successful farm, school, and Salesian presence

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