Gifts of Mission


You not only receive abundant blessings while serving, but the gifts of mission continue well on after you leave.

Trusting in God's Plan

In answering God’s call to serve, you will truly realize that “with God all things are possible.” (Mt 19:26)  You will be challenged.  You will be stretched way beyond your comfort zone.  But you will know that God is with you, and that is enough.

Finding Your Passion

Serving as a Salesian Lay Missioner will open up doors of opportunity that you never knew existed.  You will discover what truly brings you life and joy!  Be ready to be surprised on what you discover!

Return With Clarity

Perhaps you return home and continue on a similar career/professional path prior to mission.  Maybe mission opened your eyes to a different calling.  Whatever the path and call, you have your experience and deepened faith to guide you.  And you’ll always have your Salesian family!


We do everything we can to make it possible for everyone who feels the call to serve is able to do so – regardless of your financial situation.  This is why there is no fundraising requirement and all costs of mission are covered.  This includes travel to/from your mission site, insurance, room & board, and a modest stipend.  

Student Loan Deferment

Because the Salesian Lay Missioners operates under the status of a non-profit (401(c)3), many student loans can be deferred during your time of service.  It’s best to check with your lender, but most loans are eligible for deferment while serving.

Part of a Global Family

As the largest congregation of men and women religious in the Catholic church and present in over 130 countries, you will become a part of the Salesian Family!

Graduate School Scholarships

Many graduate schools around the country value your experience as an SLM and have attractive scholarships explicitly for long-term service alums.  

Take a look at some of the Graduate Programs offering these scholarships.

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