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Long time program supporter visits office

Posted Wednesday August 17, 2011 by slm

Fr. Bob Falk SDB left for the missions over 5 decades ago and has given his heart and soul to the various works of the Salesians in Korea. For...

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The Salesians in Pakistan: Some 100 families arriving daily

Posted Thursday August 26, 2010 by slm

(ANS – Quetta) – “Our contribution to the disastrous emergency created by the floods is to note where they are and give them what they need for survival.” According to...

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Salesians and government authorities collaborate in formation

Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010 by slm

(ANS – Calcutta) – The Salesians in the Calcutta Province (INC) have launched a joint project with the Indian Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development to training and prepare for...

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