Restarting Salesian Schools, Fr. Bohnen’s Kitchen

Security of the Salesian properties in Port-au-Prince is urgent.  This means that rebuilding the security walls needs to be done as soon as possible.  Without these walls, the SDBs can’t re-open production at ENAM’s bakery, which, if not for lack of security, could have been operating for some time now.  The bakery and all the equipment for Fr. Bohnen’s mini schools were untouched by the quake.  The main kitchen remains intact, but after the security walls crumbled, all the gas tanks, stoves, pots, utensils, plates, food stores, etc., were stolen.  So without security walls the kitchen can’t be put into production again.  Also without the walls, the SDBs can’t re-commence educational programs in temporary classrooms, for the equipment, school supplies, and even the classroom tents would be vulnerable.  Re-construction of all of our security walls is a must.

90,000 meters (=56 miles) of 6-feet high concrete-block wall with razor wire at the top of the walls is needed.  (In N.R. it’s not clear whether this is only for the SDB sites in Port-au-Prince, or also for the FMA sites.)  The estimate to have this work done locally is $2.75 million.

Large tents for 40 students each are urgently needed in order to rally the students and begin classes again.