Salesian GHQ – 15,952 Salesians Worldwide, 130 Countries

(ANS – Rome) – The statistical data of the Salesian Society as of Dec. 31, 2009, was presented publicly on January 25. There are 15,952 Salesians in the world (including bishops and novices). A study of these statistics was among the subjects dealt with by the General Council at the end of their winter plenary session.

From the information sent in from the 92 provinces and vice provinces, it emerges that in the world professed Salesians (including bishops) are 15,465. The perpetually professed, including bishops, number 13,084, and Salesians in temporary vows are 2,381. There are 487 novices. The total number of professed and novices is 142 less than on Dec. 31, 2008.

39 coadjutor brothers were newly-professed in 2009 — 8.95% of the total number of newly-professed. 195 confreres were ordained priests.

Considering the regions, there has been a noticeable increase in the South Asia Region. There was also an increase in the Africa Region. The East Asia-Oceania Region is almost unchanged. The other regions all experienced falls in their numbers, more marked in the European regions.

There are 92 provinces and vice provinces, one less than in 2008 after the vice province of Canada became part of the United States Eastern Province. The Salesians are present in 130 countries (depending on how one counts; one can also validly count 136, including assorted territories, commonwealths, and autonomous provinces). During 2009 Bangladesh was added although it has not yet been canonically erected.