Salesian Lay Missioners 2010 Begin Orientation

New Rochelle, N.Y. — On July 6, a new “class” of Salesian Lay Missioners (SLM) arrived at Maryknoll, N.Y., to begin four weeks of discernment and orientation.  The first three days are dedicated to forming group and Salesian identity. 

Pictured just after daily Mass are most of the new SLMs and, at the back left, Adam Rudin, director of the program, which is based at Salesian Missions in New Rochelle.
About 10 days follow of various forms of cultural orientation, under the direction of the Maryknoll Missioners, together with smaller volunteer groups from other sponsors.  The third week is spent in the Salesian day camps at Corpus Christi and Holy Rosary parishes in Port Chester, N.Y., learning some of the practical aspects of Salesian youth work, and reflecting upon the experience. In the fourth week (Aug. 1-6) the SLMs will be on a quasi-retreat, getting further Salesian orientation and finishing up necessary paperwork; this week coincides with one of the Salesian summer retreats, enabling the young volunteers to get to know Salesians and vice versa.  At the retreat’s closing Mass, they will be commissioned by the provincial, Fr. Thomas Dunne, in the presence of and with the support of all the Salesian retreatants.  This year’s SLMs are destined for Bolivia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Rwanda, and other countries.