SLM Gives Testimony at Religious Education Congress

Anaheim, CA – With over 40,000 people in attendance, the Religious Education Congress in California offers a unique opportunity for Catholics from all over the world to join together and attend keynote addresses, masses (with a variety to choose from), and many workshops.


It was in one of these workshops that returned SLM, Giovanni Garcia (known as “Gio”), gave his testimony as to how his life has been changed by becoming involved with youth ministry, church leadership, and mission work.  Gio’s testimony was part of talk given by his youth minister, Juan Carlos Montenegro, entitled “Creando una cultura misionera en catequesis y pastoral juvenil”, or “Creating a missionary culture in catechesis and youth ministry.”

Gio talked of how his experience as an SLM working with the street children of Guayaquil, Ecuador changed his outlook on life and how he came back to the United States changed.  More than 400 people were in attendance to listen to Juan Carlos and Gio’s talk.