Application Process

If you would like to begin the application process, we ask that you fill out the preliminary application form.  Once submitted, the application committee will review it and get back to you to begin the formal application process.  This process, together with the orientation/formation program, ensures that each SLM is sufficiently prepared to head to his/her mission site and do the best job they can.

Once the preliminary application form has been submitted and you are clear to continue with the application process, you will need to:

  1. Fill out the formal application and send it to us along with your personal statement, recent photograph, and resume (optional).
  2. Obtain 3 letters of reference to be submitted by personal/professional references.  Forms will be provided.
  3. Complete a medical form/exam, to be completed by a physician, and request that you send us a criminal record check (available at your local police department) and a copy of your driving record.  We do not need to receive these materials before your interview, but we will consider them as a part of the application process.
  4. Have a phone interview.  During the interview, we will further explore your interests and motivations.  We will also discuss in more detail some specific sites.
  5. Attend one of 3 discernment weekends.  During the weekend, you will get the chance to hear from returned SLMs, learn more about the SLM program and who the Salesians are, and you will also get the chance to see what Salesian spirituality is all about!
  6. Invite candidates to our orientation.  Historically, the orientation/formation program has begun late July and lasts until mid August.  During that time participants learn more about the Salesians and the methodologies of Don Bosco, spend a week living/working with the Salesians at one of their sites, study various aspects of inculturation,  and spend a week on retreat with the Salesians.  SLMs return home after orientation and depart for their mission shortly thereafter.  Please note that the orientation is a requirement and must be attended in its completion.

The application process is one of mutual discernment:  we are trying to discover with you whether our program is right for you and vice versa.  Through the process, we also try to learn enough about you to find a placement in which you can use the unique gifts that you have been blessed with.

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